HD PVR Pro 60

USB bus powered 60 fps HD video recorder, with 4K in/out

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HD PVR Pro 60
model 01684
129.90 euros

HD PVR Pro 60 model 1684

  • Record or stream PC connected, or record standalone to an SD card
  • Record and stream: 4K60 or 1080p60 in to 1080p60 HD out using H.264
  • Down scale 4K to 1080p60 in hardware inside the Pro 60
  • Zero latency 4K pass through
  • USB Type C bus powered, for portable operation
  • Includes Hauppauge Capture: Record, Trim and Upload to YouTube.
  • Compatible with Zoom, OBS and Streamlabs

Package Includes

  • HD PVR Pro 60 high definition 60fps H.264 personal video recorder, USB 2.0
  • USB Type C to USB Type A cable - 1 meter
  • HDMI cable, high speed 4K compatible
  • 4-pin 3.5mm to 4-pin 3.5mm game contoller cable - 1 meter
  • Hauppauge Capture application (download)
  • Quick installation guide

Bundled software applications

Hauppauge Capture recording application, with these features:

  • Video capture for recording with H.264 in 1080p60 HD. Record HDMI video with zero latency pass through
  • SkipBack: record video in the past!
  • Trim your videos
  • Upload videos to YouTube

System requirements - PC

  • Laptop or desktop PC with i3, i5 or i7 (or equivalent) processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 11, 10, 8, Windows 7
  • USB 3.0 port port or USB power supply (5v .9amp or greater)
  • Internet connection for software download
  • HD TV set with HDMI input (optional for pass through)