WinTV v10 Application for Windows

With Extend and HD TV support

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The latest Windows TV application with Extend
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WinTV v10 HD is the latest TV application from Hauppauge

WinTV v10 is for use with all current WinTV TV tuners, plus the HD PVR 2, Colossus 2 and USB-Live2

Watch, pause and record TV on Windows 11, 10 and Windows 8

WinTV v10 features:

  • A new user interface for Windows 11, 10, 8 and Windows 7
  • Watch, pause, record and playback TV from Hauppauge TV tuners
  • Now with NAS support: record WinTV directly to a NAS drive to free up space on your PC
  • New layout with better controls for live TV pause and playback
  • Integrated TV recording scheduler so you can record your TV programs on a once only, daily or weekly schedule.
  • TV source can be any Hauppauge TV tuner and select HD PVR models. Hauppauge TV tuners are for analog or digital cable TV, over-the-air digital TV, satellite TV or a cable or satellite set top box (check the specifications on your WinTV-HVR product since not all WinTV-HVRs support all TV formats)
  • Multiple tuner support
  • Closed captions and parental control (North America)
  • Four tuner picture-in-picture when used with the WinTV-quadHD or two WinTV-dualHD's
  • Logical channel numbers (Europe)

Please note: due to changes in Microsoft's code signing policy for Windows 7, new drivers cannot be signed for the 64-bit version of Windows 7. The WinTV v10 application will work, but the drivers will not install without warning messages on Windows 7.

WinTV 10 Gallery

Four tuner picture-in-picture Four tuner picture-in-picture
WinTV v10 Now/Next WinTV v10 Now/Next
WinTV v10 Electronic Program Guide (UK EPG) WinTV v10 Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
WinTV v10 Electronic Program Guide (UK EPG) Freeview channel scan
WinTV v10 main menu (context menu) WinTV v10 main menu (context menu)