Live TV for Plex Media Server


Live TV for your Plex Media Server, on Windows and Linux

Live TV for Windows and Plex based systems (Windows and Linux)

Live free over-the-air TV for Plex. Watch and record local TV programs with Plex. Use your Plex Media Server as the ultimate DVR. WinTV-dualHD for Cordcutters runs with Plex in Linux, Android and Windows. Also for the Nvidia Shield with Plex and Android.

The latest version of Plex Media Server supports the WinTV-soloHD, WinTV-dualHD and WinTV-quadHD for live TV recording on Windows and Linux.

Live TV for the Nvidia Shield with Plex and Android

Add a Hauppauge TV tuner to your Plex based Nvidia Shield, and you will create the ultimate DVR for live TV. Hauppauge TV tuners compatible with the Nvidia Shield are the single tuner WinTV-soloHD and dual tuner WinTV-dualHD.

Add a multi-tuner Hauppauge TV receiver and turn your Plex system into a high definition DVR

Plug the WinTV-dualHD or WinTV-quadHD into your PC and turn it into a multi-tuner HDTV digital video recorder (DVR). Record two or four Freeview HD TV programs at the same time in the original HD quality.

Freeview HD is free over-the-air HD TV

Freeview HD is the free over-the-air digital HDTV standard for the UK and typically requires an antenna for reception. There is no monthly fee for Freeview HD TV.

All Hauppauge TV tuners also include the Hauppauge WinTV v10 application for Windows

Plug a Hauppauge Freeview HD TV tuner into a USB port on your Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 PC or laptop and with WinTV v10, you can watch, pause & record TV programmes full screen or in a window.

The Nvidia Shield and Hauppauge TV Tuners: create the ultimate DVR for live TV

You can use the Hauppauge WinTV-soloHD, WinTV-dualHD and WinTV-quadHD (North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) on the Nvidia Shield for live TV in Plex. You will need the latest version of Nvidia Shield firmware (5.2 or later).

Setting up Plex TV with a Hauppauge TV tuner on the Nvidia Shield

Here are some instructions from the Nvidia blog

Here are some ideas on cord cutting from the Nvidia blog.

Here are some instructions from Plex on setting up the Nvidia Shield

Here are some ideas on cord cutting from the Nvidia blog.

TV for Plex Media Server: Hauppauge TV Tuner Model Numbers

USB TV tuners for the Nvidia Shield

Single tuner: WinTV-dualHD model 01590

Dual tuner: WinTV-soloHD model 01589

PCIe TV tuners for the Linux boxes

Quad tuner: WinTV-quadHD model 1607