WinTV v7 is here!

How do we make the world’s best and most reliable TV tuner hardware for PC’s even better for our customers? By giving it brilliant new software.

As we move from the age of analogue to digital and now high definition TV broadcasts, it leaves us all having to upgrade our TV set’s and set top boxes in order to keep up to date. Well here at Hauppauge we have had to do the same, while all our digital hardware has been able to receive HD broadcasts for some time, our software unfortunately hasn’t. So we took the opportunity to not only add HD capability, but completely redesign our software from scratch.

The result is our new WinTV 7 application, featuring:

  • A new, clear and intuitive interface
  • Single configuration and scanning pop up menu
  • High Definition TV and video support (selected models)
  • Integrated Scheduler/TV Guide
  • Integrated Teletext (where supported)
  • Instant time shift and recording
  • Multiple tuner support
  • Built-in video player, which supports a wide variety of video formats
  • Logical channel numbers
  • Signal strength monitor

In addition WinTV v7 now also supports the following other languages:

  • English
  • Chinese - Simplified
  • Chinese - Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Here are some screen shots of an iPhone
receiving video from WinTV Extend.
The iPhone pictures show the TV control
overlay with Pause and 30 second replay.

New! WinTV v7.2 with WinTV Extend

WinTV Extend is a built-in Internet video server for the WinTV v7.2 application. WinTV Extend will take your live TV signal and send it to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC computer over either a home WiFi connection or over the Internet*.

WinTV v7.2 is available from the Hauppauge webstore as part of the WinTV HD CD. You can order it from our webstore.

All you need on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is a Safari browser pointed to your PC at home**. If you are using a Mac or a PC, all you need is a browser (Safari recommended on the Mac) and a Flash video player.


  1. * WinTV Extend will attempt to scale the video stream depending on bandwidth available, streaming via mobile internet is subject to phone reception and may incur high usage on your phones data tariff, please check with your mobile provider about cost and availability of this service.
  2. ** You will need to know the IP address of your computer and your home router/firewall will need to be configured to allow a direct connection.

Basic control of WinTV v7

TV Mode Buttons

Playback Mode Buttons

    Basic control of WinTV v7:

  • To remove the TV tools (called "No Title mode"), double click your LEFT mouse button in the live TV.
  • Window,to Watch TV full screen double click again, to exit full screen hit the ESC key. You can also change the viewing modes from a drop down menu by a right click in the live TV window.
  • Changing TV channels: Click Channel Up or Channel down. Or RIGHT click in the live TV window to the drop down menu and go to channels which will display the current TV channel list for fast channel changing. You can also change channels by using the numbers on the keyboard or by pressing the letter on the keyboard for the channel name that you want to view.
  • Record TV: click the red Record button to start recording.. When you are finished recording, click the stop button then click the TV button to return to live TV. You can automatically schedule a recording by using the Hauppauge WinTV Scheduler and Guide.
  • Playback: Click the folder button to open your video folder to select the file for playback.
  • Audio setting: RIGHT click the mouse button on the "audio stream" you can change the available audio language settings of the current TV program that you are watching.
  • Control menu: RIGHT click the mouse button in the TV window, the control options are displayed.

In order to re-size the window, move the mouse pointer to the edge of the TV window. This changes the mouse pointer into a double arrow. Press and hold the left hand mouse button and drag the window into the desired size, releasing the left mouse button when finished.

WinTV v7 Features

Works with multiple WinTV devices

WinTV v7 lets you control more than one WinTV device in your system.

click image to enlarge

Built in Channel Guide and recording Scheduler

WinTV v7 has an integrated Guide and scheduler to make your programming quick and easy! Just right click in the TV window for a drop down menu.

click image to enlarge

Monitor the signal you are receiving to allow you to improve aerial placement or correct signal problems on the fly!

WinTV v7 Monitor the signal you are receiving to allow you to improve aerial placement or correct signal problems on the fly!

Teletext overlay

Teletext on supported digital satellite channels can now be viewed within the WinTV v7 application overlaying the TV screen.

click image to enlarge

Support for multiple file formats

Play back different types of files through our WinTV v7 application, now not only can you play back the files you have recorded but you can open and watch other video files on your system making WinTV v7 a multi purpose application!

WinTV Windows driver and WinTV v7 latest version download

WinTV v7 application and driver download package

WinTV v7 installation package, version 3.3 for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

File name: wintv7_cd_3.5.exe
File size: 141Mb

This download is a complete installation package, including drivers for supported WinTV products plus the WinTV v7 application and utilities.

Installation notes:

A valid WinTV application CD-ROM will be needed to install this WinTV v7 version. Any WinTV v6 or WinTV 7 application CD can be used during the install. If you do not have your original WinTV CD-ROM but would like to update to WinTV v7, you can purchase a new CD on the Hauppauge webstore

If you have a WinTV v7.2 CD-ROM with Extend, then the latest version of WinTV Extend will also be installed.

To install the WinTV v7 application update

  • Download the WinTV v7 installation package to your PC. After downloading this file, the file is normally saved in the Download directory on your PC
  • Run Setup.exe from the Download directory on your PC
  • Click Step 1. Install Drivers. This will install the WinTV Windows driver. At the completion of the driver install, you should see a message which says Drivers have been updated sucessfully.
  • Click Step 2. Install WinTV. This will install the WinTV v7 application, 'middleware', TV services and other necessary files.

This will complete the driver and application installation for your WinTV.

Release notes for WinTV v7:

  • Adds support for HD PVR 2 models 1573xx
  • Fixes an issue installing IR on drives with 2TB+
  • Fixes an issue which could cause scheduled recordings not to start after a reboot if the database had got too large
  • Updated translations
  • Adds support for HVR-1955/HVR-1975