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    Default Record button not working?

    Do I have a faulty HD PVR2? Pressing the button doesn't seem to do anything. Capturing from within Showbiz seems to work fine. Could it be a driver problem? I updated the box straight to 1.3 when I received it.

    Help would be appreciated. Thank you

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    Default Re: Record button not working?

    Hi close the software, press the button ONCE and leave for 20 seconds - it's probably just taking a while to initiate - it all varies depending on your PC usage, memory and speed etc
    If your problem is urgent please CALL support on:

    UK (0)203 405 1717
    US (+1) 631.434.1600
    Germany (+49) 02161 69 488 40
    France +33 (0)1 56 26 51 20
    Italy (+39) 02 8489 3275
    Spain (+34) 93 200 81 07
    Scandinavia (+46) 8 51800885
    Central and Eastern Europ tel: (+48) 22 323-33-30
    New Zealand, Australia & Asia (+65) 62764412

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    Default Re: Record button not working?

    Thanks for the reply, I managed to fix the problem by reinstalling the software and drivers. Turns out that the Hauppauge Device Central Service/Tray Applet wasn't running in the background. All working perfectly now

    I have another question; I'm currently playing in 1080p and the HD PVR2 records at that resolution but at 30 frames per second. However, I want to record in 720p at 60 fps. Is there any way to do this or will I have to switch my console's output to 720p?

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