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    Default How To: Get the Best Quality on Arcsoft for the HD PVR 2

    So if you are getting bad quality on the HD PVR 2 when recording it means your settings are wrong.

    First off, if you don't update to the latest driver, you probably will have issues so make sure you download the up to date driver by clicking on the link below. There are two steps. One is just for the driver update and the other, step 2 is for the software and driver update/installation. So if you are running an older version of Arcsoft, it is vital you update both.

    Please make sure your settings match what is shown below.

    First open Arcsoft - go to capture - then make sure your settings are identical to the below


    Format Settings - Video Properties

    Format Settings - Video Encoder

    Format Settings - Hauppauge H264 Encoder - These should be set to default, if they're not, press the default button at the bottom right.

    Format Settings - Audio Settings

    If the video looks fine when played back in Arcsoft but it becomes unstable in other 3rd party applications such as Sony Vegas, it is the software and you can view more info about that via the links below:!

    If you still have issues it sounds like it's either your USB port or a faulty USB cable.

    Try using all the different USB ports on your PC to see if one could be slightly faulty. (Trust me, this can cause issues as it happens to me all the time at home as my USB ports are weak.)

    Best way to do it is restart your PC, the HD PVR 2 will go off whilst the PC is rebooting quickly plug the USB into a different port and then let the computer load as normal. The PVR will then come back on and you can then test the video quality in Arcsoft.

    Always make sure you are using the USB ports on the BACK of your PC rather than the front. These tend to be faster.

    Still having issues after trying all USB ports? Contact support using the below link - Say you've tried this post but still having no luck and would like a replacement USB cable. Email them your full name and address and they will pop one out in the post to you!
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