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    Default Hd pvr 2 delay problems

    Hi i recently purchased the Hd pvr 2. When I record the preview window pops up and shows what Im recording and what not but it is delayed from what is on my tv. This makes the sound delayed in my headset. So if I have the sound on the preview window I can hear it 3.4 seconds later which really is annoying. When I listen to the recording i dont hear it echoing in the background. So I thought if I mute the player then that should solve the problem. When I went to watch the video I created it had no sound at all. My question is, is there are way that I can mute the sound in the preview window or is there a way to take out the delay entirely.

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    Default Re: Hd pvr 2 delay problems

    Hi, the preview screen is always going to delay because it is an external card,taking some time to send data back and forth with usb2.0. You wont be able to hear a echo as it will only record the hdmi sound from the card not from the pc like your thinking.

    Just plug your headset into the console or tv rather than the pc...

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    Default Re: Hd pvr 2 delay problems using Astro a40 (2013 ed) headset set and xsplit

    Thank you for your suggestion. I thought I had hooked my headset up to my xbox only but I still had my

    usb power cord for my A40 (2013 ED.) headset in the computer so sound was still coming from there.

    Once I plugged the usb cable into the xbox it was fine. But I still wanted to hear sound from my

    computer. So I plugged in the mp3 wire to my mix amp provided from the Astro A40 headset to my

    computer. This made my computer run on 2.1 surround sound in my headset and i think either 5.1 or

    7.1 for my xbox in my headset (same time). When I recorded my xbox play I had no double sound from the

    capture module ( very happy). I decided to go one step further and see if I can stream music from

    my pc and have it come out on my xsplit local recording and it did. They only snag I ran into was I

    was not able to use my headset mic to do live commentary because my mic did not go through the

    mp3 wire to my computer. Since this happened I am guessing that my mic for my headset will only

    work when I have xbox live chat up. I havent tested it, since I have no current friends logged on onto

    xbox at the moment will keep posted though. To solve this problem I used my webcam as a

    microphone which worked perfectly for live commentary.

    To recap using the hd pvr 2, Astro A40 headset 2013 ed. ( key because of mix amp),

    logitech HD c920 webcam, and xsplit I am able to stream xbox game play with audio, pc streamed

    music without hearing the delay volume from capture module, and use my webcam to do live

    commentary all at the same time for either a recording or a Live stream. I will update also if I am

    able hear my xbox live chat and my own chat with my mic in that same recording.

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