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    Default problems with S-Video on USB-Live 2

    Everything is working fine when I use the "RCA" video [single RCA cable, typically colored yellow].

    But then I tried to switch over to the S-Video, and now Win TV 7 is giving me a blank screen.

    The video is coming from a DirecTV R-22 200:

    The WinTV 7 is v2.5, 2012-02-06:

    The Hauppauge device is the USB Live 2 model 610, "SL-610-V8.0-ENG":

    It's almost as though the initial installation hardwired WinTV to look for "RCA" [yellow] video, and now it doesn't want to switch over to S-Video.

    I tried un-installing and re-installing, but had no luck.

    Is there a clever change you can make to the Registry, or to "Settings.xml", so as to force WinTV to look for S-Video?


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    Default Re: problems with S-Video on USB-Live 2

    Try using CD 2.5a, this switches video standards on the fly well. Should work well.
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