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    Default Problem with HD-PVR showing "No Signal" every 7 minutes.

    Hi guys,

    I did post this earlier, but it hasn't appeared on the forum.

    I have only had my HD PVR for a week and only been using it for three days now. From the beginning I have had this problem. The problem is that while connected up to my PS3, which is the only console I own, the HD PVR will seem to lose connection and flash a black screen, followed by a "No Signal" screen.

    The problem will occur anywhere from every 7 minutes, usually, but I have had it happen within a minute and the longest has been after 20 minutes. It happens most when I am recording, but when I am not, it happens too, just less often.

    I know the No Signal screen is not my TV's No Signal Screen as my TV uses blue message boxes for errors and information, whereas what I am seeing is a black screen with big White "No Signal" text.

    I have scoured this forum and tried everything suggested:
    - Lowered bitrate from 8.0mbps to around 5mbps constant.
    - Turned off Hardware Acceleration
    - Turned off Preview Capture while recording
    - Turned off USB Selective Standby in my Power Options
    - Changed Processor Scheduling to Background Programs
    - Changed USB Ports
    - Restarted HD PVR
    - Set captures to record to non-windows drive (A WDC HDD, 500Gb @ around 5,700rpm)

    All of the above only delayed the connection loss for a longer period, as it was happening every three or four minutes, but nothing has prevented it from happening.

    About the only thing I haven't tried is changing the heavy-duty Hauppauge Component cables that came with the HD PVR. I haven't tried this because I feel there is no problem between HD PVR and TV, the connection is fine. I feel the problem is either User-Error or a faulty HD PVR. I also haven't tried reinstalling the drivers/software but again, as you will read below, this problem occurs on my laptop also so I don't think a reinstall of them will fix this.

    The output files are amazing and awesome quality, even at 5mbps (YouTube highest) and my computer is more than the recommended specs:
    - Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40Ghz
    - 4Gb DDR2 RAM
    - NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT @ 1Ghz
    - Windows 7

    I have also used the HD PVR on my laptop, which is of similar specs but the problem occurs on there.

    Does anyone know if this is something I can fix with settings or something or do I have a faulty HD PVR and should get it replaced?

    Below is a video I have recorded, which the first half shows the resulting capture when this happens, and the second half shows a recording of the TV screen when it happens. Notice how the capture loses about a second or two worth of video, that is not a poor YouTube upload.

    Thanks for your help guys.

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    Default Re: Problem with HD-PVR showing "No Signal" every 7 minutes.

    Okay, so between posting this and now, I did some testing on my equipment.

    My first (and only) test was to do with my cheap PS3 Component AV lead, and so I played a bit with it plugged directly into my TV. In about 40 minutes worth of play, I had the screen blackout for a second or two on three occasions. It wasn't too frequent, probably not 7 minutes, but they weren't far off each other. I'd say about 5-10 minutes in for the first occurance, about 10 minutes after was the second, and the last one was 10-15 minutes after that.

    So my guess is that the signal was being lost, which is the first black flash you see in the video. The Hauppauge HD-PVR realizes this a second later, which is when the screen goes black the second time as it displays "No Signal." which is followed instantaneously by another flash of black, when the Hauppauge realizes the signal is back and readjusts itself to the resolution again.

    I have ordered the official Sony Component AV Cable from and will update this thread with my findings shortly after it arrives (it's currently being picked and packed, so if it is dispatched today, I expect to receive it no earlier than Thursday) and will try it out for a few hours before updating this thread. I am hoping it is the lead, because it doesn't paint a very good picture of the Hauppauge HD-PVR to pull it out of the box, brand new, and have this happen to it.

    Should this not work, I will send it back to Amazon and ask for a replacement.

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    Default Re: Problem with HD-PVR showing "No Signal" every 7 minutes.

    Right, Today I finally received my official Sony Component AV lead, and instantly connected it up to the HD PVR and set off recording.

    The first thing I noticed was the video, on both the TV and the capture, did not have a ghosting effect, sometimes called a rainbow effect.

    I played 40 minutes of Battlefield 3 without any problems, whatsoever. The capture is perfect and the pass-through is perfect. So my whole problem, it seems, was caused by a poor/cheap PS3 Component AV lead. So it is well worth investing in the official lead!

    My capture settings were not changed from the ones listed in the original post.

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    Default Re: Problem with HD-PVR showing "No Signal" every 7 minutes.

    Here is a video of the faulty cable in action, being connected directly from PS3 to TV. The video shows two black screens and a flicker. They are short clips, but it shows the problem with these cheap leads. It's definitely all sorted now I have my new official cable!

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    Default Re: Problem with HD-PVR showing "No Signal" every 7 minutes.

    yeah it's been covered on the forums.
    But yeah, it's always the cheap cables that cause the problems.

    For anyone else reading, just spend that extra few quid to get decent image and no ghosting.
    Youtube: Musicgamesandvideo

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    Default Re: Problem with HD-PVR showing "No Signal" every 7 minutes.

    hello all , i have bought HD-pvr model 1440 a month ago and iam having the same exact problem a signal loss , i did try to plug the ps3 component that came with the hd-pvr directly to the TV , i dont lose the signal and works perfectly but when i do plug the ps3 component to hd-pvr the signal cuts with a random freq.... .
    i want your help guys before the warranty expire . and btw i do have samsung series5 .

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    Default Re: Problem with HD-PVR showing "No Signal" every 7 minutes.

    Hello My PVR Dont have signal in my imac and my TV if somebody can help?

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