I have just installed a new the tuner (Win TV 71999LF Rev J3 E9) in my Dell Studio XPS 435 MT desktop and after some initial difficulty I was able
to successfully scan for the programmes and view TV programmes. However
after restarting my computer several times and clicking onto live TV I
received a message that no signal could be detected. I have tried retuning
on at least 10 occasions but each time I get the message "Windows Media is
unable to determine your TV signal configuration. I have tried manually
tuning but after each scan no programmes are detected. I have connected the
aerial cable into a TV and it works perfectly so it is definitely not a
problem with the aerial. The tuner shows up in the list of devices and I
have uninstalled the driver and allowed Windows 7 to detect and download the
latest driver which has been successfully installed. However I still cannot
get the new tuner to recognise the TV signal. I have reinstalled the TV
tuner card several times but to no avail. As already indicated I am using
Windows 7 64 bit and we only receive digital signals from our local
transmitter (Stockland HIll). It is very strange that the card worked
initially and since then I have made no changes to the computer or the
aerial connection.

Can you suggest a solution?