Whenever I open up the Capture Module in Total Media Extreme it will be a black screen. Sometimes it will recognize the Hauppauge recording after I refresh and restart my Hauppauge but other times it will not. Also the Capture Module goes into Not Responding and freezes or crashes all the time, whether that means me opening up another program or just randomly over time, in result I have to wait minutes just to close it. I have the latest update on the Total Media Extreme off of the CD I was given, and I have the latest drivers for the Hauppauge HD PVR which was downloaded off of the website. It is very annoying because I am barely able to record at all. BTW I can see the picture on my TV and I believe that the model is the 1212.

Computer Specs:
Dell XPS 9100
Windows 7 Home Premium
i7 2.8 GHz
9 GB Tri-Channel
ATI Radeon 5650