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    Default Re: How to Capture a full MUX TS using WinTV v7

    So what am I getting now? My usual recordings are done from WinTV in TS format at 1080i and I thought they were full mux. Guess I'm not understanding exactly what that term means?


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    Default Re: How to Capture a full MUX TS using WinTV v7

    With digital tv, the broadcaster can transmit several channels together. With WinTV and MCE and virtually every other TV app, you just get the data associated with the specific channel you wanted (and the data for any other channels is thrown away). ie, with a WinTV recording you're getting the full information for that channel, in whatever format the broadcaster uses (1080i, 720p etc), but you dont get any extra channels that happen to transmitted on the same frequency.

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    Default Re: How to Capture a full MUX TS using WinTV v7

    Quote Originally Posted by bigal View Post
    Hi Mr X
    It is possible with other software and OS to be able to record the full mux. Will Hauppauge be implementing this in the future in WinTV / Windows XP/7/8?
    This would be great, I have 3 tuners and still get clashes being able to record a full mux or picking my programs from 1 mux would help.
    Thanks for sharing the information. It will be the great help for me.

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