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    Default Problem trying to install WinTV 7 on Windows Server 2008 64-Bit


    I have a server, which until a few months ago was running Windows 2000 Server. I installed the PCI-Based WinTV Nova TD-500a card into this machine, and with a bit of messing around was able to get it up and running without much problem. I hated the WinTV 6 application and at that time moved over to using the GB-PVR software, which worked flawlessly.

    Due to a hard disk crash a couple of months ago, and deciding to stay current with the times, I installed Windows Server 2008 64-Bit (from the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription) which I've had no end of trouble with. Everything is locked down so tightly (which I shouldn't complain about) that it's almost impossible to do many of the things I was allowed to do on Windows 2000 Server.

    I've now got to the stage where I'm trying to install the WinTV Nova TD-500a card, with the latest software, and I run into all sorts of problems:

    1) Extracting the files from the CD download, I try to run the Setup.exe program, which immediately "stops working". The only choice on the dialog is to close the program.

    2) Browsing to the CDSetup folder, there is a program called PRODINFO.exe, which has created the attached log file. This is detecting the card.

    3) When running the setup.exe in the CDSetup folder, this appears to work fine, detects the card, installs the appropriate drivers, and asks to reboot the machine.

    4) After rebooting and running the WinTV 7 software, the window appears, but no wizard appears for setting up channels etc.

    5) When I click the cog icon (bottom left), the window that appears does not show any device in the devices tab.

    6) I have checked in Device Manager and the IR device and the TV Card both show as installed fine, with no errors.

    7) I have rebooted a couple of times, shut down and removed the card and put it back in (I've only one PCI slot so couldn't try any other) and still no action.

    8) I seem to recall that the IR device used to be listed when clicking the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system notification area of the screen, but now it doesn't

    9) I have enclosed log files (hope they are the right ones).

    Any information you have would be really useful. I'm simply tearing my hair out at this end, and this problem has me truly stumped.

    Many thanks,

    Simon Ferré

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    Default Re: Problem trying to install WinTV 7 on Windows Server 2008 64-Bit

    Server doesn't have BDA support which is required for TV Cards.

    There is lots of useful info here:
    Click here to see how to capture the right logs files for your problem for WinTV v7. You MUST attach logs files for us to effectively help you.

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    Default Re: Problem trying to install WinTV 7 on Windows Server 2008 64-Bit

    Never heard of this BDA thing before, but this should help to some extent:

    More about BDA:

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